Goblin Market

Today’s exciting edition will be like a sketch show, in that there will be few different scenes with very little central narrative connecting them other than the connections my mind makes to these events, life and the universe (or lack of connections my mind makes to events, life and the universe).

Firstly, I have a confession to make, over the last week or so I haven’t played my Warg much. I know, I am disgusted with myself as well, I miss his furry little tail and his fluffy blood matted paws.

The reason for this is a good one and regular readers* will already know it’s because I’m ranking (no not “wanking” you filthy little urchin) a Defiler. I want an alt that’s raid ready which, to me, means full audacity and maps.

*if you’re not a regular reader then you should be. Honestly give it a go.

I wanted an alt that was totally different to my main and I think a Defiler fits the bill. He’s currently rank 6 (40% left until rank 7), audacity is at 10 and I need the good Lug, poor and good LC and all the Isen maps. The maps, quite frankly, are a major pain in the balls, if I could buy them with commendations I would do. Luckily, you hardly ever use the Isen maps so the pressure to get those isn’t too bad.

I do have a question for any Defilers that might be reading, what builds and rotation advice do you have? I’ve already discovered that blight is king!

Now onto other news – a friend of mine – and ex-Warg (don’t hold that against him) – recently posted a petition on the turbine forums regarding the evil that is clubbing. He covers both cause and effect very eloquently so I’m not going to repeat here what he’s written so well there. Please give the post a quick read if you already haven’t and sign and/or give feedback. Debate and discussion promote change….sometimes

Next culture – It’s a little known fact that creeps are in fact the most cultured players in lotro. Sophistication, fine wines, craft beers, exquisite food and the arts go hand in hand with playing a creep. It’s because I know that my readers are a cultural lot that I thought I’d share a recent find with you that combines both poetry and music.

I follow a medievalist and harpist on twitter (@sarah_peverley)* who is currently involved with an adaption of Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Market. She’s composed and recorded some original harp music to accompany the adaption. The music is stunningly beautiful, haunting and sinister at the same time. It’s a cross between Bowie’s “The Labyrinth” and a piece that could quite easily have come from The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Give these tunes a listen… They’re about half way down the page under the heading “Musical Compositions (Harp)”. 

You remind me of the babe
What babe?
The babe with the power

*if you’re into medieval history and manuscripts then you should be following this woman both on twitter and her blog, you learn something new all the time.