Guinness – West Indies Porter

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Brewery: Guinness – / @GuinnessGB

Style: Porter Stout

ABV: 6%

Pouring and Look: This is made by Guinness so you know that it’s going to be peat black with an off white-head, don’t you? It pours really smoothly with a nice frothy head.

Smell: I’m going to be honest, I really didn’t expect to smell anything of note but I was pleasantly surprised. Firstly, you get a really rich peat, earth smell with a nice foundation of malt and the hint of chocolate with a little licorice holding it together.

Taste: Like the smell you have the earthy, peat roasted malt that provides the bedrock for the rest of the flavours. Initially, bitter but this opens up into a dark treacle, sugary flavour with a bitter sweet aftertaste. It all blends togeather well but it’s a little too mellow.

Thoughts: I was really surprised by this Porter. It’s stuck in the middle ground of being more than a normal Guinness but being less than the Foreign Extra. For the market that Guinness are aiming for it will be a hit. If I was in a supermarket and picking up some beers than this would be one i’d be picking up…. if they didn’t stock the Foreign Extra. With that in mind I don’t know why Guinness don’t re-brand their Foreign Extra with an oldy worldy label and sell it next to this porter but then again the Foreign Extra would probably blow the cock off supermarket only beer buyers.

Ideal Time to Drink it: You’re a norse-warrior (hard to imagine I know). You’ve hear a rumour that Grendel has been spotted in the swamp near your mead-hall. Gathering your fellow warriors you begin a search of the swamp. Trudging deeper into the swamp you find no sign of the beast. The darkness of your search is broken by a glowing light that is coming from behind you, you turn to face the light and then you hear the screams. You lead your band of warriors back to your mead-hall but it is too late. By the time you get there the fire is out of control and Grendel has vanished into the night. The next day you take stock of the damage, your mead-hall and all the ale is destroyed and all your malt is burnt.

With a heavy heart you use your burnt malt to brew a new beer and vow vengeance upon the beast.