Tending to your brush

Brushes are an integral part of painting models*, even if you use an airbrush there will be parts of the model you’ll want a brush for. Brushes can also be extensive with prices around £15 for GW’s artificer detail brush.

*if you use your fingers, or those of your defeated foes to paint, then you will not need a brush.

It can therefore get expensive replacing brushes when the bristles start to point in all directions. There’s nothing more frustrating than being happy with an area you’ve painted and then catching it with a stray bristle loaded with another colour. It’s a crushing feeling when this happens as you feel like your masterpiece has been damaged to the point that even your own mother couldn’t honestly say looks good. The picture below shows the dangers of stray brush strokes.


After doing a bit of research on the problem I found a product called ‘”The Masters” Brush Cleaner and Preserver’ which promised to be the solution to all my problems. It’s basically like shaving soap that you lather up using your brush and then wash the bits of paint out with water. To maintain the shape of the bristles I’ve started leaving some soap on the bristles.

As an aside worthy of Iago,  I’ve noticed, as I’m writing this blog, that the cleaner is ‘specially prepared’ by the ‘original B&J’ and that ‘stains’ are specifically mentioned on the label. Now I’m hoping that these aren’t clues to the soaps construction but either way it cleans brushes really well even if it does taste a little salty.

I’ve been using the brush cleaner for around five months on the Element Games Kolonsky brush and I have to say it is absolutely fantastic.

As you can see from the picture the bristles look new and not five months old. So if you want to buy some magic brush cleaner the the only place I’ve found that stocks it is the eternal flea market that is eBay. If anyone knows of another UK stockists that won’t shaft me on the p&p then please let me know.

Love, hugs and kisses,