Sly Fox – 113



Brewery: Sly Fox / @SlyFoxBeer

Style: IPA

ABV: 7%

Purchased From: Booths

Pouring and Look: This pours out of the can real nicely. The colour is deep and golden and it is clear. The head is frothy and off white with an orange tint.

Smell: It has subtle smell of marmalade, sweet sugars with an earthy, malt loaf base. It doesn’t smell sickly but it does smell sweet.

Taste: Initially, it tastes as it smells, like a subtle mixture of marmalade and malt loaf. It’s not sickly but it is a little sweet. The after taste is a light sprinkling of hops which add a pine and citrus flavour leading to small lingering bitter kiss.

Thoughts: I actually enjoyed this IPA. The marmalade taste in some beers really puts me off as it can make them too sweet and sickly. This isn’t the case with this beer there’s just the right mixture of the marmalade and the hops to balance each other out. It works really well but for a 7% beer I want a little more character, I could have drank this all day as it tasted more like a session beer than a 7% beer. I want my bigger beers to have a more complex, bigger taste and this beer didn’t have that. It was good and if this beer was around 4% and be tearing my shirt off, beating my chest and screaming about how great it was.