Ice Bases

I thought I’d have a crack at creating an ice base for my Slaughterpriest model so that it looked like he’d tromped down from the frozen north. After doing a little research online it looked like using distress paint- specifically Distress Clear Rock Candy – would help give me the frozen look I wanted. Like everything in the world you can buy it on ebay.


The first step was to paint the base in a layer of bright aquatic blue. It has to be bright as this is the colour that will shine through the ice. I used Scale 75 Adriatic Blue. Once this was dry I washed the base with GW Drakenhof Nightshade for a little depth.

The next step was to create the desolate coastline. I did this by adding a layer of GW Astrogranite to around half of the base. Once this was fully dry I wash the land area with Nulin Oil, let it dry and then drybrushed the land areas with a light grey.

Once everything dry it was time to pick up an old brush and apply a layer of Rock Candy over the blue area and in the recesses of the land so it looked like ground frost. If you add thicker coats you get thicker cracks. Once the Rock Candy was added I left the base next to the boiler for 24hrs to dry and crack.

Next I drybrushed the areas of ice with white as this made the ice looked more frozen and it helped pick out the cracks in the ice. After this it was just a case of attaching the model to the base applying a little glue to the areas I wanted to have snow and then sprinkling the snow over the glue.

All in all I think it looks okay and it was really easy to do.Feedback as always more than welcome.





4 responses to “Ice Bases

  1. I agree. I imagine it would be more opaque with the thicker layers. It may be worth using a clear resin for deep areas and then apply a coat of this on top for the cracks

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