Sale 75 – Scalecolour


Last Christmas my wifey bought me the Scale 75 Colour Collection. The Colour Collection contains all the 63 ‘basic’ range colours that Scale 75 produce and it also comes with a large aluminum paint tray that can hold 70 bottles of paint. The paint colours are as follows:

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The images above where taken from PaintRack app (see here for further details), it’s also worth noting that the Inktensity, Viking Gold and the Alchemy paints, although are Scale75 paints, are not part of the Colour Collection set but I have them listed in the slides above as they’re part of my Scale75 paint collection.

So after nine months of using the paints I thought it was about time that I wrote up my experience . The ScaleColour range is listed as having a ‘super matte finish’ and I have to admit that the paint finish is matte to the point of being almost chalky. Now I don’t want you to think chalky is in anyway bad it’s just that the ScaleColour has a really soft pastel finish to it which makes it ideal for blending. This chalky pastel colour range is fantastic for the foundation paint collection but there have been times where I’ve needed a really vibrant colour and I’ve had to use either a Citadel or Vallejo paint. To tackle this I’ve picked up the Scale75 Inktensity range to see if this will add some vibrancy when needed. I also expect that Scale75 Fantasy  & Games Collection will fill this gap. If Scale75 start selling the fantasy paint separately then I’ll pick some up to test but at the moment I don’t want to sink £118 into more paints.

Another thing that caught me out when I first came to use the paints is that each paint has a seal that needs to be broken before you can start using them. I presume this is to keep the paints fresh whilst they sit on a shelf in shop or a warehouse but if you’re not expecting it you can waste a few minutes wondering why no paint is coming out of the bottle when you’re squeezing it.

I also found that all the paints need a shake before use, and I mean a really good shake. One thing that did surprise me about the paint was how thick it is which means you only need a small amount, mixed with thinner, to go along way. In terms of thinner I’d really recommend the Scale 75 thinner as it seems to thin the paint Sioux diluting the pigmentation of the paint.

I’ve used the paint with a brush and also ran it through a paint brush and the coverage is great in both instances. Below is a picture of some Tomb Kings and Emperor’s Children that I’ve painted using the paints, I’m not the best painter but you get the idea.



In conclusion I really love these paints, they have a lovely soft, chalky, matte look to them. They provide good coverage but they do need to be thinned. They’re a quality product.

3 responses to “Sale 75 – Scalecolour

  1. I used some of the Fantasy range for my Alpha Legion (example here:, and found the finish was slightly less matte than the Scalecolour range, and they were slightly less thick (I was able to airbrush some of them without thinning). Overall I found them to be fantastic, though some colours were quite temperamental to work with. I’m looking at you, Despair Green…

    It would be great if they were sold individually, though a selection are available in smaller, themed sets for ~£20, if there’s a set which matches your project – I picked up the Steampunk set for my Mechanicum, for example, and the Alpha Legion were the “Shades of Doom” set. Still far from ideal, though!

    • Thanks for the info bud. I’ll take a look at your post. I’d expect them to be quality, I’ve been impressed with everything I’ve used by them. Need to try the Inktensity range as well

      • I’ve used the inks in small doses – because that’s all you need with them. They are so strong! Mostly I’ve been using them to add tones to a shade, mixing purple into the shadows on my blue/green Alpha Legion, for example. Normally I’m mixing only 1-2 drops with ~10ml of Johnson’s Klear + any other paint I’m using as the “base” of the shade. A little really does go a long way!

        Their textured pastes are also great for basing, BTW 🙂

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