The Taste of Twitter


On Wednesday 6th August at 8pm there will be a live twitter beer tasting event organised by @AlesByMail and hosted by the living legend that is @baron_orm . For those of you who have never witnessed the wonder, and magic, of a twitter beer tasting event then I will explain the basics for you. I’ll be your Obi-Wan to your Luke Skywalker.

So what is a twitter beer tasting event?

Put simply, it’s a structured(ish) evening’s conversation concerning a certain beer (or beers) that everyone is drinking and commenting on at the same time. In this case it will be @Okellsbeer IPA and Aile. There will be a host – The Baron – who will open up the proceedings, move everybody on to the next beer – when it’s appropriate – and generally act as guide on your beer tasting journey. Once the Baron has introduced the beer it’s up to you, the beer drinking twitter community, to comment on it by using the hashtag #beerybits.  Discuss the looks, the taste, and the smell with your fellow beer tweeters and let the conversation lead you where it will. It’s a fun, interactive event that is well worth getting involved with.

What you will need with optional extra non-essential essentials are in italics.

Access to twitter

A twitter account

A bottle of Okell’s IPA

A bottle of Okell’s Aile

A glass

Pork/Beef pies

Hot chilli mango chutney

A vase of flowers – The Baron likes to gaze at vase, when articulating beer praise

The  hashtag  #beerybits


Being on twitter for 8pm on Wednesday 6th August


Where can you get the beer?

You can get the two bottles of beer from Ales by Mail FOR FREE with the glass – here and remember to use the promo code Okells – but you will need to pay for postage. It’s very simple so get cracking and i’ll see you all on twitter. Huzzah!

Words to use that will make you sound like a pro – as a general rule add ey or y to the end of the wordy and it will sound goody.













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