Mad Hatter Brewing Company – Dia De Los Muertos

2014-06-20 18.05.05

Brewery: Mad Hatter – / @MadHatBrew

Style: Pumpkin Beer

ABV: 6.5%

Purchased From: Holborn Cask Ales –  @Holborncaskales

Pouring and Look: Cloudy copper with very little head.

Smell: Sweet, floral, wet hay, all very subtle.

Taste: Tangy, yeast sharpness, orange with a burnt marmalade after-taste. No carbonation at all.

Thoughts: It actually tastes really nice, it’s sweet with a tangy bitter after-taste but it could do with some carbonation just to liven it all up. The carbonation really lets it down.

The perfect time to drink it: Obviously November the 1st!

Norman ‘Flash Pants’ Taylor had been for the better part of his childhood and all of his adult life a very poor magician, at least in public. In the privacy of his own studio, which he shared with his long suffering man-sized rabbit Clive, he was, by his own reckoning, the greatest magician that ever lived. He could fill an empty glass with water by just looking at it, he was the master at pulling all manner of wildlife out of different places (Clive kept his distance when Norman was practicing this trick) and his illusion magic was so strong that he once lost the bathroom for two full days when he cast a simple cleaning spell causing the room to completely disappear leading to both Norman and Clive using a bucket to answering “the call”.  When Norman got on stage, however, the magic seemed to go wrong, in one memorable incident he managed to blow his trousers clean off his body which was surprising as he was only taking his hat off. Norman’s act was now seen as a comedy, he was making very good money and selling out theatres but people where coming to see him fail, Norman was magician not a fool. He wanted the respect and admiration of his audience not their laughter. Something had to change, and change soon, but Norman had no idea what that something was.

One day when Norman was philosophising on the toilet he was struck with the most excellent notion. All his magic success had taken place at his studio whilst Clive was present. Was Clive his familiar, his focus, his magical mojo? There was only one way to find out and that was to take Clive to his next show.

From a pure magical point of view that evenings show, with Clive in attendance, was a huge success. All the tricks went off without a hitch with no accidental disintegrations. Norman was ecstatic; he would now be hailed as the greatest magician of the age. The crowd, however, were not happy, instead of cheering they were booing! They’d come to see a comedy show, disguised as magic show not a magic show disguised as a magic show. They wanted their money back and they wanted it now. Clive the man sized rabbie could see what was happening from his vantage point behind the curtain. He’d spent too long channelling his own magic through Norman for the fool to ruin it all now. Clive had become accustomed to the wealth generated from Norman’s failed magic show, he’d spent hours and hours of his life in promoting the “Greatest Worst Magic Show on Earth” and Norman was about to ruin it all by being a real magician. This wouldn’t do.

Quick as flash Clive was on the stage and at Norman’s side. He had an idea to win the crowd back; he’d have to change his long term plans, as Norman’s ego meant that he’d always want to be a serious magician when all the people wanted was farce, but Clive was willing to make that sacrifice.

“Norman” Clive whispered “the only way you can win them back is by jumping in the box and vanishing”. “You’re right Clive! If they see me disappear they’ll hail me as the greatest magician ever” Norman replied as he leapt into the box. As Norman pulled the lid down on the box, Clive picked up the saw and held it up for the audience to see. A hushed silence fell over the crowd, they’d never seen a giant rabbit cut a man in a box in half before. Clive started cutting the box, it only took him a few minutes to cut through the box and by all the screams through Norman. The stage was filled with blood as Clive lifted to the bloody saw into the air to the cheers of the crowd.




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