Buxton Brewery – Jaw Gate

Jaw Gate

Brewery: Buxton Brewery – www.buxtonbrewery.co.uk /@BuxtonBrewery

Style: American Pale Ale

ABV: 5.6%

Purchased From: Holborn Cask Ales @Holborncaskales

Pouring and Look: Cloudy deep amber body with golden white head.

Smell: Fresh cut pine, dry bitter hops and crisp summer fruits with an undertone of biscuity malt.

Taste: Bitter grapefruit and pine start that opens with peach sweetness. You’ve also got some spices in there and a bedrock of malt biscuit.

Thoughts: A really nice beer full of flavour and very drinkable. It might have just been my bottle but the hops didn’t taste as fresh as I would have liked but that might be just down to my taste preference.

The Perfect Time to Drink It: “Is there anybody out there?” the energy finally cut out three days ago. You’re safe for the moment but the constant groaning from outside reminds you that you won’t be safe forever. You hear them sometimes shuffling past the door to your hiding place, luckily they never try the door as they only seem to react to sight and sound. You’re hidden and you’re silent.

You’re hiding place is the remains of a craft beer bar storeroom, unfortunately, there’s not a lot left of it. It must have been raided for supplies when the outbreak started. The only bottle that remains is a Buxton Jaw Gate. It’s been tempting you like a siren ever since you barricaded yourself in the storeroom. You want to drink it but the fear of attracting them through the sound the bottle opening is too great.

You sit, you wait, time passes.

What’s that noise?! TWEEP, TWEEP…. Your phone was on silent but you’d forgotten to turn off the direct message alert. It’s @Baron_Orm he’s arranging a ratings night with @Christopher_R , @villaBONE and @SourceDeliPaul do I want to come? Of course I want to come, I’ll even bring flowers…. Then you hear the sound you’ve been dreading, the door handle to your hideout creaks as it is turned and then the groans begin. They’ve found you. You know it’s over, you can’t escape, so you pick up your phone and tweet @Baron_Orm  “YOU BASTARD” is all you type. You then reach over and pick up the bottle of Jaw Gate and open it is as there’s never going to be a better time.

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