Oakham Ales – Bishops Farewell

Bishops Farewell

Brewery: Oakham Ales – www.oakhamales.com / @OakhamAles

Style: Golden Ale

ABV: 5.0%

Purchased from: B&M Bargins / @bmstores

Pouring and Look: Cloudy light golden colour with a small white head.


Smell: Very fruity, fresh peach and oranges with the bitter dry hop aroma lurking in the background.

Taste: Initially hit with the dry hop bitterness, this taste lingers throughout but there’s also a very earthy and malt taste to this beer. There’s the whisper of an orange and grapefuit taste but nothing last.

Thoughts: A great beer that has the distinct Oakham taste. It’s a more earthy and malty than Citra, the hop bitterness is similar but without the massive grapefuit and orange hit. If Citra is an honest hard-working office worker than Bishops Farewell is the honest hard-work farmer.

The Perfect Time to Drink It: 

Gorion: Listen carefully. If we should ever become separated, it is imperative that you make your way to the Friendly Arm Inn. There, you will meet Khalid and Jaheira. They have long been my friends, and you can trust them.

Gorion: Let’s hurry child! The night can only get worse so we must find shelter soon. Don’t worry, I will explain everything as soon as there is time. Wait! There is something wrong. We are in an ambush. Prepare yourself!

[A giant armoured figure and three others step out from the shadows]

Sarevok: You’re perceptive for an old man. You know why I’m here. Hand over your ward and no one will be hurt. If you resist it shall be a waste of your life.

Gorion: You’re a fool if you believe I would trust your benevolence. Step aside and you and your lackeys will be unhurt.

Sarevok: I’m sorry that you feel that way old man.

Gorion: Run, child, get out of here!

[You run into the forest and hide, after a time you fall into a restless slumber]

Jaheria: Do my eyes deceive me or is this Gorion’s ward stood before me?

Gorion’s Ward: Jaheria, Khalid, it is good to see friendly faces, for I have lost much on the road.

Khalid: What is it child? You seem crushed by a great weight.

Gorion’s ward: Gorion was slain on the road by an armoured figured. “Hand over your ward” he said, he was after me and me alone. Gorion died defending me. What would anyone want me?

Jaheria: Gorion protected you in life and he protected you with his death. He loved you like a son and protected you as a Father. As to why someone would harm you I do not know.

Khalid: Do not carry Gorion’s fate on your shoulders, he would not desire that burden for you. We must move quickly though, if Gorion was struck down in the shadow of the walls of his home then the walls of the Friendly Arm will provide little protection.

Jaheria: Before we leave let us drink to the memory of our friend and father, Gorion.


The adaptation and inspiration came from the classic Baldur’s Gate.

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