Oakham Ales – Citra

CitraBrewery: Oakham Ales – www.oakhamales.com / @OakhamAles

Style: American Pale Ale

ABV: 4.6%

Purchased from: B&M Bargins / @bmstores

Pouring and Look: Frothy white head that quickly dissipates. Starts off as a murky golden colour but quickly clears up.

Smell: The dry, bitter hop smell is overpowering you don’t have to get your nose into the glass to smell this one.

Taste: Initially the dry, crisp bitterness overpowers the other flavours but after your first mouthful that soon calms down into a citric odyssey. The citric taste is very similar to blood orange in that it starts off sweet but then you get the grapefruit kicker at the end. It works beautifully with hops as the it works as a palette cleanser after each mouthful. Hops, blood orange, grapefruit and then repeat.

Thoughts: A fantastic sessions ale that goes to show that you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy really great ale. If you see it buy it and buy lots of it.

The Perfect Time to Drink It: You somehow find yourself in Westeros, specifically King’s Landing. The winter may be coming but here the weather is hot and close making your finest garments sticky with sweat. There must have been some mix up with the invitations but you’ve somehow found yourself at King Joffery’s wedding feast. The entertainment has been a mixed bag, the dwarves ridding pigs started off quite well but you felt as though something was missing in the finale, perhaps some sort of crotch based firework. Up until today you’d never seen a man cut a book in half with a sword, you can no longer say that. Hopefully, it wasn’t the next installment of saga. The wine is now being passed around, a toast must be happening soon, you hope it’s an entertaining speech. You pass on the wine as it doesn’t look quite right. Perhaps a nice cool beer would be best. As you are brought your beer King Joffery keels over half way through his speech and his wine goblet falls from his shaking hand. It was an unexpected comedy routine but funny nether the less. You lead the toast to the young king’s health and take your first sip of your cool refreshing Citra.




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