The Rebel Brewing Company – Black Rock Bitter

Black RockBrewery: The Rebel Brewing Company – / @TheRebelBrewingCo

Style: Premium Bitter

ABV: 4.8%

Purchased From: @TheBottleBank /

Pouring and Look: Small tobacco white head with a murky brown colour.


Smell: Hint of caramel and malt but nothing overpowering.

Taste: Malt base with slight biscuit sweetness at the end.

Thoughts: A very solid bitter that you be very happy to drink a few bottles of. The bottle art is also fantastic.

The Perfect Time to Drink It: You awake suddenly, what was that noise? You clumsily lean over to your bedside cabinet your arm brushes against the half drank glass of water, luckily it doesn’t spill. 5.50am, god it’s early, your eyes start to close again, as your mind is welcomed back into the sweet embrace of oblivion. The noise again snaps you back into reality. “Daddy!”, the beast has awoken.

You enter his lair; he needs a wee and demands feeding and watering. After he’s appeased you stumble into the living room, are you even alive? Before you have time to answer the question you’re helping Fireman Sam put out a blazing inferno on the dining room table. You’re Elvis the idiotic sidekick. You can never be Sam so don’t even air that desire, he will crush you if you do. You don’t fair too well fighting the inferno; neither does the other unfortunate victim, the dog. Both of you need serious medical attention; luckily Fireman Sam knows his way around a first aid kit. The dog escapes lightly, he has just burnt his tail, a bandage heals him. You, on the other hand, are in a horrific state, what started out as a twisted ankle has led to a double amputation of both your legs but on the bright side the fire is out. Sadly, you won’t receive any of the credit, credit only goes to Sam.

The day continues…

It’s finally dusk, the beast is slumbering in his lair and as you slump into your chair and survey the carnage of your living room you know that now is the ideal time to open Black Rock Bitter.

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